I lost all the numbers, addresses and SMS in my phone accidently reset.

Just I wanna jailbreak my phone and try to unlock SIM-LOCK
(I-Phone sold in Korea cannot use other Mobile company's SIM-Card; It's only in Korea, what the fuck.. why they develop/use USIM card? It makes easy to use someone's phone intergrated via USIM but not in Korea.)

By the way, I try jailbreak my phone but it doesn't work and it seems not so easy.

My phone's OS is iOS 4.2.1 and there're some jailbreak tools but it works only on Mac.

And that happens, yeah. Change phone to simple black brick. That was I've done.


However, I lost all of your numbers so, please send a message to me with your numbers. :)

by PrettyNaru 2011. 1. 12. 16:20